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Third time lucky by Tomas

11 Mar Third time lucky by Tomas

About 15 people were present at the third meeting on Thursday 28th of February in Kürnberghalle Leonding – a very good number for a new club! Also – the quality of the meeting was very high – thanks to active members and guests from Linz and our friends from Vienna’s Toastmasters Clubs Otto and Hans, who have supported our club from its beginning.

As a new member or guest you can choose from about 10 roles and at every meeting you can try a different one – either a bigger or a smaller one. Our new member, Michaela, chose to be a greeter – she asked our guests to introduce themselves to the audince. Then, we started with prepared speeches. Harald broke the ice with his
Icebreaker – that´s the very first speech from the Toastmaster’s manual with an easy task – you have to introduce yourself to the audience. Harald could surely talk about himself for ages – but had just 4-6 minutes for his speech – and did a great job. Moreover, his speech was full of humour.
The second speaker was Tomas, the Vice-President of Education of our club. He had to use varied volume, pitch and rate in his speech – voice variation is very important in front of the audience – you can stress the meaning of your message and also make your speech more interesting. Tomas told us about his work experience in New Zealand and compared working in a factory to working in an office in a funny way.
Then, Hans invited us to take part in the Area Conference on Saturday 13th of April in Vienna. That could be very interesting for our members – they could see the best speakers of Austria in one place, competing for the best speaker and best evaluator of Area D1, which includes all Toastmasters Clubs in Austria. The winners go to the next level – competing in a Division conference in Brno, only one week later, with speakers from the Czech republic and Hungary.
And the last prepared speech was presented by the president of our club, Patrick, who spoke about his personal experience with the magic number 13. Patrick is also a member of Zurich Toastmasters and he will compete with this speech in this club – so he could practise his speech now and incorporate the feedback he got from his evaluator Otto – we wish him luck in Zürich!

After a 30-minute break for dinner (I recommend the Schweinschnitzel – it´s really great!) we went on with the evaluation session – every speaker gets feedback from his experienced evaluator, which is very important for his development. The evaluation should be presented in a positive way, to encourage the speaker to try new challenges with next speeches, and also include some specific recommendations about what could be done better so the speaker can improve his speaking skills in the future.

The most fun part of the session were surely the Tabletopics – short (1-2 minutes) unprepared speeches about a topic chosen by the Table-Topic-Master Thorsten. The topics were very current and reflected the last horse-meat affair. If you were a horse-meat seller, what kind of marketing strategy would you choose? What would you do, if you were a horse? What would you do as a vegetarian if you found out you just ate horse meat in your lasagne? Quite difficult topics, but our speakers delivered very funny horse-speeches.

All in all, we experienced a 2-hour meeting full of fun, very good performances on the stage and feedback from long-time members of toastmasters. There is no doubt, the next meeting on Thursday the 14th of March at 6.45 PM, will have the same quality, so see you in Kürnberghalle Leonding!