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All about dolphins, dreamtime, and strict military discipline by Michaela

29 Apr All about dolphins, dreamtime, and strict military discipline by Michaela

Who would have thought it? We all dreamed a dolphin’s dream and immediately afterwards had to go through military basic training. Where can you have such extremely contrary experiences within only several hours in the evening? Right! Join Toastmasters! This is where even dreams can come true!
But one thing at a time – we should start our story from the beginning…
It was Thursday, April 11th 2013. Fellow Toastmasters and several Guests met again at Kürnberghalle Leonding. At each meeting, the Toastmasters can expect some additional new members who want to improve their English language skills and also become better leaders. So it was very fortunate that Toastmaster Moritz started with an educational speech about “Effective Evaluations” – which is at the heart of the Toastmasters program.
The evaluation enables members to develop their speaking or leadership skills. But it is not a simple task to perform a good and helpful evaluation. On the one hand, the evaluation may be too harsh and discourage members from the club. On the other hand, an overly kind evaluation can also be frustrating, because this is not authentic and not helpful in developing members’ speaking ability and character. Thus, it was a pleasure that Moritz guided us through the basics of conducting a professional evaluation.
After the educational speech, Toastmaster Markus inspired us with his Ice Breaker “To be a Peaceful Warrior”. Everybody listened very intensely to the story of how Markus transformed himself from a fanatic athlete into – how should I say it? – a “Buddha-minded” athlete who does everything in moderation, because, as the saying goes, “Strength lies in calmness”.
Next Toastmaster Eva followed with her delightful speech “My Journey into a Dolphin Dreamtime”. Here we found ourselves in the mystic playground of dolphins, learning how they interact with human beings, not only with gestures but also with telepathy! Eva told us how such deeply moving communication with one of the beautiful dolphins could change her entire life.
Last, but not least, Toastmaster Paul wrapped-up with a speech about “Military Basic”. He told us insistently that he wanted us all for the military! He let us know how important discipline is, and he showed us very precisely how we should act to be a good “military man”. This speech provided an imagination that felt alarmingly real: I was nearly getting goose bumps, involving me so strongly that I sighed with relief when he finally finished the speech, and I realised that I was in fact still sitting in the Kürnberghalle – and no longer in military basic training!

Next meeting is our Special Spring Event!
There is fine dinner and wine at Buschenschank Leonding
Starting 6:30pm! The meeting is open to everyone!