Blue Danube Speakers - Toastmasters Linz | Contest: Who brings the most guests? by Karin
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Contest: Who brings the most guests? by Karin

02 Apr Contest: Who brings the most guests? by Karin

On Thursday March, 28th we met at Kürnberghalle for the 5th meeting of Blue Danube Speakers. After a short welcome from President Patrick, Toastmaster of the evening Moritz continued. Patricia held the first speech, she did project 1 of the competent-communication manual – the icebreaker. She chose her name as hook to explain some personal background and a few important facts about her life. It was fun listening to her while she explained how she was invited to Nice and was so excited that she confused departure and arrival time, causing some trouble before she was happy entering the plane.
Michaela also gave her icebreaker under the title “Follow your Dreams”. She started with some dreams of children, things that might be more interesting than doing homework. Later she asked us whether we put our dreams into reality.
Afterwards, President Patrick gave an educational session under the title “Are you ready?” with the aim to motivate us to find new members for the club. Apart from some techniques that reminded me of my fitness-trainers (“Are you feeling part of it?”) he employed a flipchart for a brainstorming what we could do in order to find new members.

Finally, he even promised a Swiss quality cake for the person inviting most new guests within the next few weeks.

Fortunately, his efforts show effect: Fact is that the club again won some new members this evening.
Tomás gave the second educational session. He is also centered in club matters. He spoke about mentoring in general and choosing a mentor within the toastmasters club in particular. After giving an overview of the benefits of having and also being a mentor (motivation, feedback, information, higher quality, satisfaction, mutual learning, friendship…), he introduced five possible candidates that we can ask to be our mentor. All of them are members of a toastmasters club for at least one year: Otto, Moritz, Hans, Patrick, Tomás .
After the break followed the evaluations and a funny table topic session centered all on Easter. The next meeting will be on Thursday April, 11th at Kürnberghalle Leonding.