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Little Red Riding Hood visiting Blue Danube Speakers by Matthias

06 May Little Red Riding Hood visiting Blue Danube Speakers by Matthias

I have plethoric reasons to write this blog entry, but as always, it need a little kick to get me going. Some might have missed a bet at the last meeting (on 29th of April) in which Patrick bet against Tomas who can do more pushups. To put this shortly: Tomas really looks hot in a red skirt. Maybe a leg shave would have helped.

As for the meeting itself, the ice broke for Wolfgang through a tale into the northern regions of england where he did not meet Nessi, but at least he learned that you should always have a lot of warm clothes with you when you are around the countryside in England. You never know if you will find a place to sleep inside.

Since the ice was thick, we had to call a second icebreaker by the name of Karin she melted the ice with a story about the difference when going to Spain in comparison to Sweden. You might be surprised but Spain was way colder than Sweden and more problematic, chaotic.

Now I have to write about myself, which is always a little bit awkward. I was talking about my inability to swim and how I overcame it with the help of a friend and a lot of swallowed water. And panic that I have to survive a triathlon in summer help also a little bit.

And last but not least Hans told us how he nearly landed with his face in the mud but luckily it was the roof because he aimed at the stars instead of the roof when he tried to launch himself up through organizing the Area conference.

The table topics were focused on the marathon and it’s history. For example, did you know that the record for the most run marathons in one year holds a man with 365 times? That is every day in the year. Again, I myself had no clue about the history of the marathon so I went along with Asterix and Obelix and a impossible to get coffee while there is a marathon in town.

Next meeting is our Special Spring Event!
There is fine dinner and wine at Buschenschank Leonding
Starting Tuesday, 7th May, 6:30pm! Everyone is invited for great talks!

PS: Our new toastmasters received the toastmasters pin at the end of the meeting. On the picture you also see also our special guest Little Red Riding Hood. Visit and join toastmasters!