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Sales calls, sports and officer elections by Patrick

18 Jun Sales calls, sports and officer elections by Patrick

Our last venue was Buschenschank Leonding where we already had our summer-event. We are very happy that also guests found to the other location.

Although we are a very young club, we had already a couple of advanced speakers. Michaela focused on the structure in her speech successfully. The structure had a clear opening, body and a conclusion. She told us about how sport improves health, boosts self-esteem and reshapes the brain. She was able to find a good transition between those parts and structured it using the good, better, best! Very well done!

Hans a major contributor to our club, did the second project of the Persuasive Speaking-Series. He demonstrated together with the volunteer Edgar how to do a cold call. Edgar did buy the product? ­čśë

I talked about the officer roles and my personal leadership experience within toastmasters with the officer-elections later on in mind. Therefore I choosed the first project of the Speaking to Inform-Series to motivate the audiance to learn.

The host of the table topic session was Karin. She had class reunion the next day and used this as a theme for table topics.

Zoran led us smoothly and skillfully through the entire evening. It’s hardly to believe that Zoran did the job as Toastmaster of the Evening the first time!

At the end of the meeting we enjoyed our swiss truffle cake sponsored by the winners of our guest-contest Hans and Edgar while we had our officer elections.

Blue Danube Speakers congratulates all our new officers with their new assignement!

Next meeting: 20th, June 2013 6:45 pm @ K├╝rnberghalle Leonding!