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Keep on Smiling with The Beatles, Google glasses and Tango by Tomáš

30 Jul Keep on Smiling with The Beatles, Google glasses and Tango by Tomáš

The 13th meeting of Blue Danube speakers started with an advanced speech of Tomáš. He showed us how to do a powerpoint presentation, using a beamer while talking about conspiracy theories. Did you know that Paul McCartney died in a car accident in 1966? After his death he was replaced by a double. Actually, we weren´t sure if the speech was really delivered by Tomáš – maybe it was also his double because his speeches are usually not as good as this one.

Then Michaela told us a personal story about keeping her smile even in difficult situations, she didn’t lose her smile even when her car was flooded recently. Unfortunately, I can´t experience this situation, because I have no car 🙁  Zoran explored one of the newest inventions – Google glasses. So maybe next time, I will use them to find the right way to Kürnberghalle and come to the meeting on time. The last speaker, our guest from Vienna Paul, was talking about his passion for tango. If I spoke about my passion for yodelling, I would surely not win the best speaker´s award as Paul did.

After the break we went on with Evaluations, made by Patrick, Paul (best evaluations award), Tomáš and Edgar. The Tabletopics were prepared by Marcus. He chose IF questions – what would you do if … For example, if Regina had the possibility to spend an evening with any person in the world she would choose Will Smith. If Tomáš was able to change anything about himself, he would make himself uglier (he is so pretty, that girls hunt him all the time which makes him feel quite uncomfortable). If Wolfgang discovered his girlfriend with his naked next-door neighbor, he would definitely find an explanation about how this situation happened – Wolfgang won the best tabletopics award for his naivety.

The evening was closed by the General evaluator Wolfgang. Each person on the stage gets an evaluation, which is a basic principle of our club. All in all, we experienced a very nice evening in a friendly atmosphere. Moreover, we have a 15th member – Tatiana decided to sign up in our club!

The next meeting takes place on Thursday 1st of August, this time in the restaurant Domviertel. Don´t hesitate to come!