Blue Danube Speakers - Toastmasters Linz | A new Venue, lots of Impressions and Experiences by Steffi
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A new Venue, lots of Impressions and Experiences by Steffi

13 Aug A new Venue, lots of Impressions and Experiences by Steffi

Thorsten invited me to the 14th meeting of the Blue Danube speakers. First I was skeptical but then it changed into curiosity of what those Toastmaster meetings are all about and what kind of people I would meet there. I was very positively surprised that the new venue was the restaurant Domviertel in the center of Linz right in front of the Cathedral of St Mary.

I was very warmly welcomed and I was happy to see also some familiar faces. J  You know who I mean! Everybody was very excited and especially the ones who organized the meeting and the venue. No need to be nervous! The location, as well as the meeting, was very professionally organized. In fact I was really surprised that everybody takes the meetings seriously and professionally.

After a short introduction of Tomas, who led us through the evening, Wolfgang, the grammarian, explained the word of the day “inherent”. This word rose a big discussion somewhat later. To repeat it again an example sentence with “inherent” would be: “There are risks inherent in almost every sport.” Thorsten please take this into account when you take up your next “challenge”.

Tatiana started the live speeches with her “ice breaker”. She is originally from Russia and was struck by a “cultural shock” when she first came to Austria. She took this as chance to talk about the cultural differences between Russia and Austria and told us some interesting and also funny stories that happened to her. Thorsten followed Tatiana with his impressions of his first (and maybe last ;-)) Ironman competition. He told us his way how his passion for sports became only pain. Unbelievable what you have to give up, which willpower you have to show and how self-disciplined one needs to be to achieve this goal. It’s not only just to swim, cycle or run! Thorsten’s speech was very self-confident. That was not always the case with Michael. Michael told us how to become cool within only 5 steps. His speech was very personal and convincing. What Michael helped most to improve his personality, to speak cool and stay calm in front of an audience is acting in improvisational theatre.

What I found most entertaining was the Table Topics session. Zoran did his job very well – he was the Table Topics Master. The table topics were funny and original. Apposite to the forthcoming holiday break the topic was “holidays”. What would you do with 5.000/500 EUR? A luxury holiday in the Caribbean Sea, paying bills or gaming in the Casino, attending some seminars and workshops…? Would be glad to hear what you experienced in your holidays! Hope to be a guest soon and to see you all again.

Steffi – a very impressed guest!

The next meeting takes place on Thursday 29th of August, in the restaurant Domviertel. Don´t hesitate to come!