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Masterclass by Michael

08 Oct Masterclass by Michael

This time we had only 2 speeches, therefore it was decided to do a ‚Masterclass‘. I was the lucky one. How does it work?
After my speech I not just got feedback from an evaluator, but from everybody – moderated through Tomas. After about 15 minutes of feedback and suggestions what I could do better I went away to work on my speech. The others went on to do the evaluation of Tomas’ speech and the table topics while I was away.

Then I gave the ‘improved’ speech again. Then people spoke about which one they liked better J. Most liked the second better. For me it was interesting and I think I improved the structure of the speech. I think the second time holding the speech on one hand I was more ‘alive’, louder and more expressive because I was warmed up – on the other hand more unsure of myself because I did not train this new structure. There was an interactive element in the speech and the opinions where to put this part varied a lot (at beginning, at end, leave it totally).

Marie, a fabulous charming guest was voted the best table topic speaker, congrats!