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A Petition for a Diapers-Free Lifestyle by Michaela

18 Feb A Petition for a Diapers-Free Lifestyle by Michaela

Are you believing in a failure by reading this headline? No – there is no failure. Toastmasters are free to discuss every single affair of common life – even the usage of diapers!

This topic is quite interesting! While the usage of disposable diapers produces a lots of garbage, there is a mostly unknown and amazing option to keep the baby clean without using them at all. Ruta told us this secret. She is very professional in keeping baby’s clean this way! This diapers-free technique works like this: Babies are born to stay clean in a very natural way. So when it is time, they make a certain sound and movement. Then the baby can be brought to the toilet and they will do “their business”. Of course – using this method you have to be always prepared and aware. But meanwhile you can watch the pile of garbage shrink enormously and this will keep your conscience clear.

After that Oliver told us about his life. First of all – most important – he admitted to a disposable diapers lifestyle. He also promised to overthink this new diapers free offer. Though when he has to travel to Vienna for business two times a week, mostly his wife is obviously more involved in this affairs. He is 25 years old, married and has already a sweet little child. He tries to live very healthy which means to him to live vegetarian – but just for a month. He acknowledged to be a big fan of Toastmasters – of course because of all the friendly members around there …

Last but not least Maria informed us about seeds control, done by companies like Monsanto. This has negative impact on bio diversity, nature and also on small farmers who will lose their income. Why are the companies acting in this way? Nobody knows! Ratio seems to be an illusion in this special case. But there is still hope: Please sign the petition and ask the EU to completely advise against this regulation. Your children and nature will appreciate your help!