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High Performance, Swimming with Crocodiles and the Key stories by Oliver

27 May High Performance, Swimming with Crocodiles and the Key stories by Oliver

It was again an amazing meeting!
First Karin, our President, tried to present us some impressions of the contest in Krakow. Eventually we got a picture, that this event was overwhelming, filled with high professional speeches and cool people.
Next, Toni started with the first speech of the evening, and gave a great speech about the basis of delivering high performance. As we found out there are lots of things one has to consider to encounter the expected drive.
Followed by Maria, she told us a wonderful story about her Australian friend Jock who, when he was young, took the risk of being eaten by crocodiles just to impress girls. This was a great metaphor that everybody of us should take risks.
Because what life teaches us is the following: Taking no risks is 1) boring and 2) you will never gain something, therefore it stays boring.
Maria, you are a great story teller!
The third speech, held by Thorsten, was also a great story about his bunch of keys. He convinced us, that every single key on this bunch has its own story. And indeed – this were all great stories: funny, sad and a tale about his first car a Renault Laguna. 🙂
Thank you Steffi, for conducting the table topics so greatly! As always this short improvisations where so funny, we are all looking forward to playing them again.
Also Thanks to Ruta our Toastmaster of the Evening! She professionally moderated and leaded the evening so smoothly, that it was a pleasure to listen to her.
I am looking forward to the coming meeting with (again) interesting topics!
Our next meeting is on June 2. – make sure you are there!
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