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Europe by Toni

10 Jun Europe by Toni

It was once more a great meeting.

Ruta´s presentation was the first. She told us, how you can deliver your message in the best possible way to the audience. For that, you have to cover the senses of the audience.

  • Visual: Use a flipchart or PowerPoint, so that the audience can SEE something
  • Auditory: These people learn, by listening to you
  • Kinaesthetic: Ask more questions: Have you ever had the feeling, when…

The next presentation was held by Maria. The topic was “Travel Insurance”. She told us an amazing story of her and her family in a foreign country. She talked with so much emotion, that I felt like being a part of the story. It was an amazing feeling. Thank you for that, Maria.

How can you use your mind better, so that you can have not only a more successful, but also a happier life? This was the topic of the last presentation, held by Toni. So if you want that, you need to get more PRESENT in the moment. You can ask yourself this question several times a day: “How present and vibrant am I right now”. And with time you will get more present in the moment. And would you experience more success and happiness, when you are more present with your family, with your work and with an experience in general?

These were the three presentation with really interesting and amazing topics.

After a short break we have started with the table topics. The guide was Maria. The motto of the meeting was “Europe” and so the table topics were about Europe. Thorsten gave us insights, why it is better to learn Austrian and not German in school and had to explain it to the parents. Oliver explained us, why Switzerland should join the European Union, so that they can sell more cheese. Toni told the delegates, why they should take dancing classes. The spontaneous speeches of all participants were so funny. J

Yeah, this was the meeting, which was on June 2. Thank you for all participants and guests for that amazing evening.

If you want not only a funny evening with awesome people, but also to learn some new things, join us on our next meeting on June 16.

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