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My Blue Danube Speakers journey ended by Patrick

17 Jun My Blue Danube Speakers journey ended by Patrick

Yesterday was my last meeting at Blue Danube Speakers! I have a lot of other projects going on abroad therefore I decided to do the step and leave the club.
BUT: We found an outstanding committee succeeding me and as well Tomas, the co-founder of the club.
Our journey started 18 month ago in Kürnberghalle Leonding. 
And now my journey ends after those 18 month at Alte Welt.
Visiting yesterdays meeting was very emotional for me because of two reasons:
  1. It was my first meeting with no role as an officer-role at the meeting. No role as a president, neither a Vice-President or something else!
  2. As a regular visitor I saw the first time what we have built (all previous outgoing officers and new officers). It is success, when you create a new club and other month everybody knows and does it with passion! That’s Toastmasters! Our meetings run smoothly, are educational and funny and new guests are visiting!
Yesterday we had three guests again!
Toni, a quite new member (who as already given three speeches within short time! What a performance!) was toastmaster of the evening. He did this role excellently – he was well prepared and choose the topic „football world championship“.
He introduced me as first speaker, giving my speech „18 FULL AGE / 28 PERFECT“.
I gave a demonstration talk on how to play with your speech structure by experimenting, which I mentioned also in my blog.
Next Toni introduced our table topic master Wolfgang, who lead the session. The topics where also related to the „football world champion ship“.
„Convince your partner, that you want to see the football finals, while your partner plans a romantic dinner on that day“.
Girls: Use that chance, you get the credit card from your partner, and you can do Zalando shopping meanwhile. Except Maria, she shops always and first need to buy a new wardrobe.
Also our three guests had the chance to participate at the table-topics session, who did an outstanding job – for there first table topics!
Next I had the honor to share my experiences from the „Challenge the Dragon – Spring Conference“. I shared my experiences as a workshop leader at the district conference as well all the insights a got. For me joining those conferences means visiting workshops, meeting friends, getting new friends. We learn a lot and inspire each other. And of course we have a good time – actually an awesome time – cause those conferences are the highlight of the toastmaster year! I encouraged our members to visit the next conference in Frankfurt (District 95) or Lyon (District 59), cause our district splits in two weeks, due to outstanding growth.
At the second part of our meeting, Wolfgang evaluated my speech. Thank you Wolfgang for all your feedback!
We started also a new role, which is called joke-master, and the task was to find a joke related to our meeting theme. I just can tell you this:
„Be careful when you are entering a tunnel with Brasilian and Spanish guys AND never hide in a refrigerator“!
The general evaluation session was led by Oliver who also did a great job!
We definitely had a good time again and a lot of fun. And for me it was very emotional also while doing the general assembly and the official handover for the new officers. Seeing the club growing and continuing with momentum shows that we made the right decisions in the past.
To our new officers:
Thank you for taking this challenge! All the best for you and my baby – our baby Blue Danube Speakers which is growing and growing!
Hopefully see you soon again!
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