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An “extraordinary” meeting and a touch of summer holidays by Steffi

30 Jul An “extraordinary” meeting and a touch of summer holidays by Steffi

Our last meeting on 28th of July was kind of extraordinary. The officers met already a little bit earlier to discuss the latest changes in our organization. Unfortunately Karin – our interims president – decided to leave the club due to personal reasons. She did a great job during her short regency and we were all really surprised and not happy when she told us about her decision. Now we again had to find a president for our club. The choice was not easy but I will come to that later. I will first tell about the amazing meeting.

This time we had a technical problem with our program easyspeak. Normally we schedule and assign the roles for the next meeting upfront but this time it had to be done manually “just in time” at the beginning of our meeting on 28th of July. The toastmaster of the evening was our power woman Maria. She has the extraordinary ability to react flexible on any changes or additional ideas. I love that.

This meeting was extraordinary because for a longtime we had again four speeches. And as there is holiday season at the moment no wonder that some speakers told us some anecdotes about their latest vacation. The first speech was held by Ruta. She told us about her first vacation to the beach with her partner and baby son. Her speech was really entertaining as she always uses props. She carried a big leather suitcase up on stage and wear sunglasses. Such small requisites make a speech really like a small stage play. Although the title of Ruta’s speech was “boredom” her speech wasn’t at all. We learnt that if a child is bored, you should leave it bored and it will inspire its creativity. And Ruta learnt from her experience on her Italy vacation that she is not the type of person who only wants to lie on the beach and build sand castles like “normal” people do. You should never pretend being somebody else only because you are parents now. I will one time pay heed to this sentence, Ruta!

We also heard a speech of Oliver on the “responsibility process”. That was quite interesting for our future leaders in our club. And Oliver transported his speech with real enthusiasm and conviction. The third speech from Toni was titled “An adventure of a lifetime”. It was a real joy listening to Toni’s stories he experienced when he travelled to the US with his friend Gerhard. His point was “Make the best out of it and think positive”. He told us about situations which are normally not funny but with Toni’s optimism he made always the best out of it and tried to turn the negative into a positive thing. Many people could learn from you Toni! Thank you for your personal funny stories! And last but not least Jürgen had his ice breaker speech. We were all really envious of how calm and confident Jürgen was on stage. He obviously liked it and since this meeting we finally got him as new member! Hooooray!

After a short break and after the serious evaluations it was Thorsten’s turn to do the Table Topics. And if you know Thorsten he is always good for a surprise. And so he went on stage with “the yellow pages” – a big telephone book. The Table Topic speakers had to sell randomly chosen services or products looked up from this phone book. It was a great idea and funny too. I can remember Eugen who had to sell a peep show, Gerhard sold roofs made out of everything, Wolfgang offered a barber services whit all kind of possible haircuts and haircolours and much more.

I forgot to mention a guest form a German toastmasters club from Cologne. Dietrich, the brother of Eugen, joined us today and at the end of the meeting he was so kind to tell us about his club and his impressions of our meeting. And I can say now that we left a very good impression.

And I guess you got curious now who will be our future president? Thanks to Maria’s charm and her persuasive skills we could gain Ruta as president for the following period.