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Visiting other clubs by Maria

21 Aug Visiting other clubs by Maria

Visiting other clubs

Being a Toastmaster means being able to visit also other clubs and share experience.

As a representative of Blue Danube Speakers I visited on August 06. Walk the Talk – a Zurich club for advanced speakers ( It was exciting and challenging as I had the chance to give a speech and get evaluated by very experienced Toastmasters and native speakers. The practice with advanced speakers helped me learn rhetoric techniques, set new personal goals and focus on areas where I need improvement. Also, being watched, listened to and evaluated by new people is incredibly motivating. It was a great evening in a great company. Thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality!

Just a few days later on August 11. our Blue Danube Speakers Club had an honored guest – Timm Treskatis, Area G6 Governor and member of U-CAN-SPEAK Toastmasters Club at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Timm was our Grammarian of the evening and made a very valuable contribution to our meeting. He spotted every mistake, suggested improvements and had picked an interesting and intriguing word of the day. It was great to have Timm as our guest and learn from him about the work of other clubs from the other end of the world (literally).

Being a Toastmaster is more than developing speaking skills. It is fun, travel, meeting people, visiting places, exploring the world.

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