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A Good Start by Jürgen

14 Jan A Good Start by Jürgen

I was especially looking forward to the first meeting of the new year. Over one month without the two weekly toastmaster dose!? – nearly unbearable. Impartially reviewing one would say it was a regular meeting, following the toastmasters agenda with fixed roles and time schedules. But taking a closer look there was so much more to it.

First of all it was delightful to meet all the fellow toastmasters again. I was quite impressed by Andrew, who took the role as toastmaster of the evening after his short period of membership. More importantly we had two! icebreakers right to start off the year. Matthias gave us an amazing impression about struggling of an computer scientist and what it has to do with child toys. Very impressive first speech! Peter drafted a very good picture of why he came to toastmasters and stated clearly why common sense is unfortunately not always common practice and exceeded the goal of the icebreaker. Along with Rutas very motivating evaluation and Harry’s practical advises I am cheerful that we gained those two new fellow toastmasters. They will take us one step closer to chartering and I am also very excited for watching their further speeches and having conversations with them.

What would be a new years meeting without talking about new years resolutions? Maria, as table topics master, had some excellent ideas. Why wouldn’t someone take bungee-jumping with babies, becoming the majors secretary, fighting the instant gratification monkey or challenging nyctophobia ones new year resolution? Thanks to instant speaking skills it was no problem for our blue Danube Speakers to weave some funny stories out of Maria’s ideas.
Additionally we had three guest who came especially from Steyr to watch our meeting. I personally hope that we will soon see their icebreakers too!

In conclusion it was a very successful start into 2015 including way more than just an agenda.
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