Blue Danube Speakers - Toastmasters Linz | Meeting – September 19th 2016
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Meeting – September 19th 2016

03 Oct Meeting – September 19th 2016

Ten people attended this meeting opening the winter season, including two guests. Matthias opened the meeting and also led through the meeting as toastmaster of the evening. Straight agenda as usual, after Daniel’s speech explaining the functions of a federal president, ChristianL presented the most important songs of his life commenting on the roles they played. Special attention also received his speaking Bluetooth device. ChristianW only had a few minutes to prepare his evaluation, but as experienced toastmaster he proved that this was no problem for him. After the second evaluation by Wolfgang, all of us had  1 minute of impromptu speaking with table topics. This time each one was given a special situation and perform something like an elevator pitch, presenting oneself and finish with a call for action. Not surprisingly, the listener quiz was won by the team with ChristianW, and Matthias promised once again that one can give a correct answer without knowing the full question. Ah-Counter, Timer, Grammarian and General Evaluator closed the meeting and of course we went for a beer afterwards!


– Karin