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Four potential members and one farewell

24 Jan Four potential members and one farewell


Ladies and gentleman, we just had our second meeting in 2017 and four guests joined our gathering of “practitioners of the rhetorical arts”. Guys, if you are reading this, all of you would be great additions to our club, so I hope we will see you again soon.

So, what happened last time:
Manfred Kügel gave a great speech about how we all deal with fear and how media takes advantage of that. Manfred is already a very talented speaker, who is able to address difficult topics in a way, that is easy to understand. No wonder he won the best speaker of the evening award.
Klaus Lanzerstorfer, a relatively new member, gave his second speech about trams. He did this in such an incredible enthusiastic way, we could not believe was even possible, since the topic was public transportation.
I had the difficult task to “Deliver bad news”, which is project number five in our “Speeches by Management” manual. I received encouraging feedback, although the topic was rather unpleasant.
Our Table Topics were about Donald Duck, his uncle Scrooge McDuck and all our other beloved childhood heroes from Duckburg.

Unfortunately, this was also the last meeting of our member Daniel Wagner. He is leaving, because of work. Great talent is always sought for, so no wonder he was hired by a top-notch law firm in Vienna. Good luck, Daniel! Your enthusiasm, calmness and humor will be missed.

So long, my friends, we will see us on the February 6th at the Wissensturm.

Christian Lindenhofer