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What a great start into 2017!

18 Jan What a great start into 2017!

We had four speeches last time! The whole last year we were not able to have a gathering with more than three speeches, but right in our first encounter in 2017 we were able to get over this benchmark!
The evening was hosted by Christian Wirth, who did a great job in creating a welcoming event. Besides that, he also talked about Benedict Cumberbatch and why we are all related to one another.
Manfred K├╝gel talked about how bacteria can be good for you and how this information helped him to start a business.
Klaus Lanzerstorfer had his first ice breaker speech. He introduced himself to us and immediately won the Best Speaker Award. A great start into a hopefully long lasting Toastmasters career!
Our Table Topics were hosted by myself and were all about looking back at important events of 2016, covering major incidents like the Brexit to the death of beloved childhood hero Bud Spencer. Our winner was Stephan Schmidt, who visited us for the first time and left us completely astounding his improvised talk (Stephan, if you read this, greetings to Passau!).

Thank you all guests, members and speakers. I hope to see you next Monday the 23. January at the Wissensturm.
Until then!

Christian Lindenhofer

Blue Danube Speaker