First Steps for new Members

Congratulations! You have decided to join Blue Danube Speakers - Toastmasters Linz.


Please follow these steps to make sure you have a pleasant experience:

  • Fill the membership form and submit it to our VP Membership (or

  • Submit the payment to our bank account (60 Euro for a term plus 20 Euro sign-up-fee for first-time Toastmaster International Members)

  • Make sure we add you to our Whatsapp group - send your phone number to any officer

  • Your first speech will be the Icebreaker. It is a 5-6 Minutes speech on any topic, but typically, you would introduce yourself (talk about who you are, where you are from, what your interests are, what your motivation to join Toastmasters is, etc.)

  • Once you have a account - a few days after you paid your membership fees - you should select a Path in the Pathways system on - go to "Pathways Basecamp" and either take the assessment, or select a path based on the descriptions.

At Blue Danube Speakers, you will use two different kinds of accounts:

  • this is the official Toasmasters website. You will need to be a registered member to have access. VP Membership will create your account once you have paid your fees. On that System, you will have access to the Pathways system.

  • this is an inofficial system that we use to schedule our meetings. Officers can give you access any time - they will need your valid e-mail-address for that. Use that system prior to a meeting (more than 24 hours prior) to sign up for a role like Timer, Ah-Counter, etc.