Our Club

Blue Danube Speakers

Rhetoric Club Linz

We are an open-minded community and strive to improve our communications skills. You can also gain leadership and organisation skills by joining our club officer team.

  • Founded in Linz, Austria in 2012
  • Member of Toastmasters International in District 109
  • Focus on English language, but we can also help you improve your German public speaking skills.
  • 10-25 members
  • More than 180 meetings
  • Goal: improve public speaking with fun and honest feedback
  • Meetings at Grand Garage (Tabakfabrik) in Linz
    (or hybrid after registration)

Why Join?

There are many reasons why our members have chosen to join Toastmasters. Improving communication skills, giving better presentations, training English or developing leaderships skills. What's your ambition?

Whatever goal you have, Toastmasters - Blue Danube Speakers - offers something for everyone.

Our members are more than happy to chat with you and share some of their experiences. Just visit us at one of our meetings or send us your questions via email.


Practice public speaking in front of a small to medium-sized group (normally around 10 - 20 people), in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

You can speak in English or German.

We are committed to make everyone feel comfortable.



Learn to react confidently to tricky questions and prepare yourself for spontaneous encounters, and unplanned elevator pitches.

Whether you are an ambitious project leader, a start-up founder or an employee filling in for an absent colleague, this is your opportunity.


Club members will give you motivating feedback on what you did well and where you could improve.

You will also learn how to give constructive feedback to others, in a positive way - a valuable leadership skill for any professional.


Once you decide to become a member of our club and you start your path of becoming a confident speaker, our experienced club members will be there to mentor and guide you.
The club members stay on your side, give you valuable advice and assist you to develop your speaking skills.

Presentations and
Public Speaking

Let's be honest, we all get nervous right before an important presentation or speech. But that shouldn't be an obstacle to doing a great job. We at Blue Danube Speakers practice speaking in a safe and supportive atmosphere at our club. Every two weeks our members have the chance to speak in front of their club colleagues. Every speaker gets valuable and constructive feedback on his/her contribution. Our goal is to develop further while having fun!

What you get out of it:

  • Learn to make presentations confidently and convincingly
  • Improve your rhetorical skills
  • Practice speaking in front of a group and learn to stay calm.
    Forget your nervous-stomach and sweaty hands - You will rock your next performance on stage!

English or German

At Blue Danube Speakers Linz we offer the opportunity to practice speeches in two languages: English and German. Basically, our meetings are held in English. Many of our members use the club evening to improve their English speaking skills (e.g. for work purposes). Nonetheless, there is always the possibility to hold speeches in German too. The choice is yours: Choose the language in which you want to practice.

What you get out of it:

  • Practice public speaking in German or English
  • Improve your English language skills
  • Prepare yourself to speak confidently in any situation - professionally or privately

Feedback and Mentoring

We offer a mentorship program to help you to develop your speaking skills. Choose a mentor of your choice to guide you on your journey to becoming a confident speaker.

There is no better place than Toastmasters to get honest and constructive feedback. Each speech at our meetings is evaluated by one of our club members. You will learn, where you excelled and where you can still improve - in a supportive, constructive and friendly way. Even evaluation speeches are evaluated - everyone benefits!

Communication works for those who work at it. 

John Powell